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Hi there, I am Sylvia Ayonna, Broker and founder of The Bridges Co. Real Estate Firm – Sylvia Ayonna and also your Home Listing Specialist. I’m sure you would agree that one of our most significant investments in life is our home. If selling you’re prize investment was as easy as sticking a sign in the yard and accepting offers, then anyone could do it! But selling your home is much more detailed involving strict deadlines that you cannot afford to miss and requiring advanced solution-finding experience to avoid the pitfalls BEFORE it gets to you. Also, be careful not to quickly say ‘Ok!’ to the slogans “We guarantee you an offer.” Again, any licensed realtor can get an offer but what you really want is the highest and best offer for your most prized possession and without the endless list of exuberant fees—e.g. service fees, broker fee holding fee, marketing fee—all of which affects your profit. Here at The Bridges Co. Real Estate Firm, we keep it simple. We guarantee only 1 small fee! Call us today and we’ll show you how we do and what we do so successfully for all of our customers. And when you call, be sure to request you’re free and official appraisal report for your home!

We offer our ‘Worry-Free. Guaranteed’ Seller Services. If you are not happy with our service, we only ask for the opportunity to make it right. And if we can’t, you may cancel without cost.