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Ayonna Johnson, Top Minneola Realtor


At the The Bridges Co. Real Estate Firm – Sylvia Ayonna, we use our extensive local market knowledge, business networks, and multi-level marketing strategies to guide you in making strategic real estate decisions that you’ll value forever. We’re the neighborhood realty that works with you and works for you to personalize solutions to your needs. You’ll enjoy a smooth real estate process while working with us.


We’re the local realty of choice for many of our real estate buyers and sellers, exemplifying honesty, integrity, and years of experience in all that we do. We understand that what we do can affect your life for a lifetime; this is why we take extra care to understand the uniqueness of your needs.

As your REALTOR we’ll ensure you a “Worry-Free” real estate process for you.


  • We operate with extensive knowledge, and real-time information working to your advantage
  • Our organizational is built on honesty, integrity, and several years of experience
  • Our multifaceted, multi-level marketing strategies benefit you in any transaction – regardless of what side of the table you are on.

We have a strong local reputation because we keep our word and invest in transactions that enhance our local communities. Not only do we aim to keep our customers beyond satisfied, we make it our mission to add value to communities one household at a time.

This All means one thing: You can DEPEND on Us to protect your interests at ALL times!



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